Dextro Energy Müsli Riegel Joghuhrt
Müsli-Riegel Joghurt Tray
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Bar Yoghurt

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Without genetic engineering

Muesli bar with dextrose-rich cream filling. Dextrose goes directly into the blood, so it's a quick way to keep the body supplied with carbohydrates.

*contains carbohydrates

Calculated values


100 g

Energy (kJ) / Energy (kcal)

1820 kJ/433 kcal


12 g

of which saturates

9 g


69 g

of which sugars

34 g


7 g

Dietary fiber

2,0 g


0,45 g

38 % grain (oat flakes, rice crispies-corn flakes-mixture (rice, wheat, corn, sugar, barley malt extract, salt), puffed rice), glucose syrup, 11 % dextrose, sugar, coconut oil, palm oil, humectant (sorbitol), 4 % skimmed milk yoghurt powder, skimmed milk powder, palmfat, sunflower oil, acid (citric acid), natural flavouring, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin).

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