Dextrose goes straight into the blood.

Food for the brain

Every activity consumes energy. And as soon as the energy is used up, hunger sets in. Your brain is also hungry, especially for dextrose, also known as glucose or dextrose.

Because mental work in particular is often more strenuous than you think. More than half of the dextrose in the body is used by the brain: in stressful situations even up to 90 percent.1.

What makes dextrose so special? Dextrose is a single building block and goes directly into the blood. So it gets to where you need it faster.

1 vgl. Benton D. The impact of supply of glucose to the brain on mood and memory. Nutr Rev, 2001; 59: P20-S2
New Work and Deep Work
New Work and Deep Work.

Dextrose is a simple and fast carbohydrate that goes straight to the brain. Especially in times of digitalization, which enable or require new ways of working, efficient time management is essential.

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Our online store
Our online store.

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