Dextro Energy Zentrale

For over 80 years, Dextro Energy* (formerly: Dextro Energen) has supported people who need carbohydrates quickly in their daily life. Since 2005, this brand has been part of the Zertus Group, an international and medium-sized family business. Dextro Energy* has been continuously expanding by introducing new products and spreading into new geographic regions.

Currently, approximately 100 employees are working in  Krefeld. The plant in Krefeld has an extensive experience in the production of dry and powdered food. The majority of Dextro Energy* products sold across the world are also produced there.


The brand history begins in 1927 with the introduction of the glucose powder "Dextrose Purum". Doctors prescribe the product and pharmacies dispense it by prescription. In 1929 this nutrient sugar is given the name "Dextropur", which it still called to this day. In 1935, the compressed dextrose powder is launched in cube form under the brand name "Dextro Energen".

This classic is the official competition food for athletes at the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936 and Munich in 1972. New items are added to the range over the following years in the form of sticks, minis and bars, as well as a comprehensive selection of nutrition products for endurance and fitness sports.

In 2002, following the growing internationalization of the business, Dextro Energen becomes Dextro Energy*.