Dextro Energy* is there when it matters most to you, when you want to show your best, be present, and highly motivated to be "on top of things". We understand how important focus and presence are to you – that you want to access your "I can do it moments" effortlessly and autonomously. You want to deliver mentally and physically at your best. Get into the flow. Seemingly effortlessly – confidently and always one step ahead in everyday life.The products of Dextro Energy* offer you quick and uncomplicated support for your small and large challenges.

Because the core competence of Dextro Energy* is fast carbohydrates. The fuel of our core product glucose goes quickly and directly into the blood. This characteristic has made our tablets a classic on sports fields, in lecture halls, classrooms, and offices for more than 90 years. And if you need anything else, you'll also find drinks, energy gums, liquid gels and supplements from us.That's Dextro Energy* – the proven specialist for fast-acting food and dietary supplements.


Our glucose tablets quickly provide you with short-chain carbohydrates when you need them! These carbohydrates are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and get to where it counts - the brain and your muscles. Whether for work, studying or everyday life: Dextro Energy* tablets are there when you need them.

Our Energy Tablets are vegan, caffeine-free and ideal on the go. We offer them in different fresh and fruity flavours. Fourteen easy to chew tablets – suitable for the smallest pocket.


Our Dextrose Drink is our liquid alternative to our glucose tablets. The fast carbohydrates in our Dextrose Drink enter the bloodstream immediately (faster than any banana!) and from there to the muscles and brain - where they are converted and can, among other things, replenish your glycogen stores or be utilised directly.

The Dextrose Drink offers 18g fast acting glucose, ideal on the go – ready to drink, easy to open and resealable. This vegan liquid glucose drink is available in fruity blackcurrant, orange and apple flavours.


Our particularly fluid liquid gel is made for your sport. And for all other physical challenges you want to face. Here you get fast-acting carbohydrates in drinkable form - resealable, easy to travel with, with valuable dextrose. The liquid, fast carbohydrates are immediately absorbed into the blood - and then supply the brain and muscles with an essential nutrient. Among other things, you can replenish your glycogen stores - and give your best.

Our Liquid Gel is vegan, gluten-free, lactose-fre and easy to transport and drink.

Energy Gums*

We have developed our vegan Energy Gums* for all active people. They provide you with quickly available carbohydrates and fruity flavour and, depending on the variety, with extra minerals and more. You can easily transport and portion them perfectly - whether you're on the mountain, jogging, playing football or at the gym. This makes our handy vegan fruit gums the chewable alternative to sports gel - anywhere and anytime.

Our Energy Gums* are vegan and free from artificial sweeteners, fat free and palm oil free.


When we sweat, our body loses electrolytes. If these are not replenished, our performance is impacted. You can easily dissolve our Zero Calories° electrolyte tablets in water - and mix yourself tasty electrolyte drinks that are completely sugar-free°. For a sensible nutritional supplement without calories°, especially for short training sessions or when carbohydrate intake is not necessary.

The taste: delicious thanks to a variety of tasty flavours. The effect: Your Zero Calories° provide you with sodium, magnesium, chloride, calcium and potassium - so our effervescent tablets offer you all five essential electrolytes. Perfect for your sport, your everyday life, for all the challenges you want to face.


Our Sport Tablets* contain everything you need in sport. Quickly available carbohydrates go straight into the blood and from there to the brain and muscles. Vitamins B1, B6, and C support your body in action and in numerous other functions. And the extra magnesium supports, among other things, the normal function of the muscles - whether during squash or on a bike.

Our Sport Tablets* are conveniently packaged – making our combination of dextrose, vitamins, and magnesium your ideal companion for all sports challenges.


With our Immune Fit° tablets you can supply your body with quickly available carbohydrates and essential vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin E, niacin, biotin, folic acid, and pantothenic acid. The combination of vitamin C, B6, and B12 can help support your immune system, while dextrose provides your body with nutrients for muscles and brain.

Discover the Immune Fit° tablets of Dextro Energy* and replenish your body intelligently - of course vegan, caffeine free and with a fruity flavour.

*contains carbohydrates.
°apply to the prepared drink. 
*Magnesium contributes to normal energy metabolism.
A varied, balanced diet and ahealthy lifestyle are important.