Protein Crisp Mixbox
Protein Crisp Mixbox

Protein Crisp Mixbox

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Gluten free
Without genetic engineering
Without added sugar

Carbohydrate-Protein Bar. With the ideal carbohydrate-protein ratio of 3:1. It's the perfect way to replenish glycogen stores and supply protein to the body. In this way, it helps to maintain and build muscle.

°Regulation (EU) no. 432/2012 for proteins: Proteins contribute to an increase in and maintenance of muscle mass.

*contains carbohydrates

Recommended use: after sporting activities.

Calculated values

Energy (kJ) / Energy (kcal)

1630 kJ/ 387 kcal

1573 kJ/ 374 kcal

1634 kJ/ 388 kcal


9,4 g

10 g

10 g

of which saturates

5,7 g

7,0 g

6,3 g


45 g

39 g

45 g

of which sugars

36 g

31 g

38 g


30 g

30 g

30 g


0,26 g

0,29 g

0,25 g

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